AllieStark’s Cheerful Cheerleader Show


Give me an A! Give me an L! Give me another L! Give me all the rest of these letters that make up her name and we have AllieStark! That’s my bad attempt at trying to create a cheer, but thankfully there’s someone here that’s much better at it than me and her name is AllieStark.

She is wearing the cutest cheerleader outfit while serving up a show full of cheerful activities and lots of toys. The outfit is mainly green with the word “Cheer” printed right in the middle. It sounds like a command and I’m willing to follow it.

How could I not cheer for someone as stylish and cute as AllieStark? Spending time with her is enough to cheer up even the darkest of days.

AllieStark's Cheerful Cheerleader Show

AllieStark's Cheerful Cheerleader Show

AllieStark's Cheerful Cheerleader Show

AllieStark writes:

Heya guys! I’m Allie from Latvia. I am a professional event-manager, but one day I realised I hate routine and need more action so now I’m here. I am a smart, open and kind person. I do lots of volunteer work. I help animal shelters, shelters for homeless people and nursing homes. I crochet things and donate them to those in need 🙂 In my free time I play video games, read books and watch horrors. Ask me for a book or a film recommendation and u will get a huge list lmao. I also do sports and learn to pole dance. My dream – opening an event agency that will donate part of the profit to shelters!


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