Yes, Step On Me Please


Gamers who’re familiar with Resident Evil Village will know this lady as Alcina who has vampire-like qualities, never ages, has super human strength, and relies on consuming human blood and flesh to survive. You can also refer to her as “the tall vampire lady in RE Village” and everyone will automatically know who you’re talking about. Along with her three spine-chilling daughters, Bela, Cassandra and Daniela, Alcina reigns in the castle halls where the Ethan, the protagonist, finds himself wandering in.

The dedicated Disharmonica is back with more Lady Dimitrescu cosplay for all of her adoring fans. Helly von Velentine, who also goes by the name Disharmonica is making a lot of her followers swoon again with a different outfit for her Lady Dimitrescu cosplay that is sure to fuel a lot of fanboy’s imagination.


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