SmokyRose Is A Cute Cheerleader With A Devilish Secret


I love the tone of red from SmokyRose’s hair and how it matches the uniform she wears, which is that of a cheerleader who’s come to cheer us up during this very special stream where she blows the sweetest of kisses our way.

Her outfit has a big 666 in the middle and “Devils” as a team name, which is enough of an indication of the sinful treats she’s preparing for us on this show, but she takes it another step further in a beautiful way.

The skirt she wears follows the team’s concept too, as it shows a couple of pentagrams on it, and even her undies follow this theme, with them being red and sexy, with a similar hellish inscription that has to be seen to be believed. Fortunately, SmokyRose does give a good up-close display of it so we can read and re-read it to our leisure.

SmokyRose Writes:

Hi!! I am open to new meetings and fun!!! Come and lets know each other better!


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