Spellwhipping Aisha Cosplay by Pion


Mabinogi Heroes, also known as Vindictus outside of Asia, is an MMORPG with visually pleasing art style and gorgeous animation for both characters and environment. The game is loosely based on characters from Celtic mythology. Unlike most MMORPGs that have a “holy trinity” of characters composed of a DPS, a Tank, and a Healer, in Mabinogi Heroes, there is none. All characters are capable of strong damage and be able to heal and give buff to themselves. Basically, the characters are self-sufficient and the game can be solo-played whenever the player feels like it. This aspect sets the game apart from most MMORPGs.

Pion’s cosplay is of Arisha, one of the playable characters in the game. She is a swordswoman and a spellcaster. A combination that makes her versatile but also very challenging to control for new players.


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