MissAracely’s Charm Spells Get 100 Points For Gryffindor


I love MissAracely’s cosplay of choice for today’s class, not only because it is accurate to the Harry Potter lore, but also because it plays with the elements provided to still manage to be both elegant and revealing at the same time, thanks to the cape, tie and vest, and to the gorgeous way in which this stunning lady wears them.

There’s an element perfect for romance and Valentine’s day, because MissAracely is putting on a cherry-red lipstick that works like a charm, and she blows us kisses in a lovely way, ultimately showering us with enough enamoring views for her to single-handedly earn enough points for Gryffindor to win the house cup.

MissAracely Writes:

I am Aracely, a spontaneous and full of energy pin up girl (or at least wanna be, hihi). If you know me already then you know that I am very passionate and that I put a lot of soul in everything I do. Here`s the living proof :D.


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