Sexy Gryffindor ViciousFeline Practices Her Seduction Spells


I am pleased to inform you that you have been invited to ViciousFeline’s naughty show where she is cosplaying as Harry Potter, and she is wearing a Gryffindor cape, round glasses, a wand and the iconic scar from the character, only she is using all her power as the chosen one to show you a sexy time like non-other.

ViciousFeline also comes with a brand-new set of spells that will make you feel extra aroused tonight with her beauty, which has an effect more benign and powerful than any love potion known in the magic world.

Let her cast her sensual spell on you and Avada Kedavra your boredom, because ViciousFeline is in the house, and you will beg the sorting hat to place you right next to her once you see what she’s got under that cape.

Enjoy this exciting presentation, and tell everyone about it!

You can call me Feline. Im from Ontario Canada and im 28 yrs old. I have done many types of jobs in my time but none were great. After loosing my last factory job i decided to try Alternative Modeling, which led to the adult industry, camming specifically. I then started trying it out, decided to be my own boss because this is the best job Ive ever had. I enjoy people, being outgoing and literally entertaining. Ive always been a very open person and find that this type of work really suits me. So at 28 im diving head first into Modeling and Camming. I hope you come hang out in my chat and get to know me 🙂


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