Lana as Imalia Will Vamp Up Your Day


Lana of CosplayErotica plays a sexy Imalia in a recent video. Imalia is from “Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines,” a role-play video game. In this, Imalia is a supermodel turned seductive vampire. Once a vain diva, Nosferatu Imalia is a bit more coldhearted, bitterly thinking she has lost her beauty.

Lana’s rendition of Imalia captures some of Imalia’s misery in the most seductive way. Her facial expressions and slow, captivating movements pique viewer’s interest. Slowly, Lana starts to lose clothing, starting with conveniently place holes in her tights with blood dripping from her mouth. She continues to sway and bend seductively, accenting her greatest assets. Then, she removes her gorgeous red corset and gets more strategically placed holes with a view in her tights. This red corset likely represents the red dress she was known for wearing before her Embrace, but could also represent the blood she seeks. This version of Imalia is seductive, intriguing, and has me moving my hair from my neck to invite her in.


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