Ava’s Demon Cosplay – Wrathia Bellarmina by Liebs


I’ve got mondo respect for people who cosplay webcomic characters, because they’re pretty much guaranteed to be representing very small but very dedicated fan communities. I imagine if they go out and get recognized, it’s a shining day in their personal geekdom. So thinking along those lines, I ended up in a Google-hole (not as dirty as it sounds–I think) for cosplayers of one of my favorite webcomics, Gunnerkrigg Court. I came across this lady, Liebs, who not only did an excellent Antimony Carver, but rocked out this other unfamiliar-but-sexy costume at the 2014 New York Comic Con and 2015 Wizard World Comic Con in Philly.

Now I’m well-absorbed in the gorgeous artwork and multimedia storytelling of Ava’s Demon. Aw nuts.

Anyway, Liebs does all sorts of cosplay, from anime to video games to Miss Freakin’ Frizzle, and I’m loving her scope and creativity.

I learned so much for and from this costume! Dang. This also marks the first time I’ve been in one of those “best X cosplayers of [con]” posts online which was pretty rad.


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