Join Kafka For A Drink


“All space and time are practically infinite, and yet right here, right now, we find ourselves together. That’s the nature of destiny — it creates a miracle but convinces you of an accident.” – Kafka’s Greeting

Honkai: Star Rail appears to be quite “hot” in the current cosplay scene, given its recent release. Speaking of “hot,” what are your thoughts on this portrayal of Kafka by Joyce LinLin? Among the extensive roster of playable characters in Honkai: Star Rail, Kafka stands out as a character who exudes beauty and maintains an aura of serene composure. Kafka is depicted as a striking and enchanting character, a young woman with flowing red wine-colored hair fashioned into a slightly disheveled ponytail, accompanied by two strands framing her face. Her eyes share a similar, lighter hue, while she adorns her head with dark pince-nez sunglasses and a pearl earring in her right ear. Although Joyce’s outfit choice for the character may deviate from Kafka’s default attire, it’s important to note that Kafka, as one of the playable characters in Honkai: Star Rail, is characterized by her captivating, composed demeanor. Joyce’s cosplay admirably captures these defining traits.

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