AnimeAnnie’s Cute Christmassy Caturday


I have been a fan of the concept of Caturday for a while now, and I love that AnimeAnnie has maintained this tradition alive in her amazing streams, which is why this cam show is so special, as it is the first Caturday of December.

Right from the start, the feel of merry excitement is present to guide us through this cam show where AnimeAnnie wears fuzzy ears on her head and the characteristic fangs that make her look more feline-like while her red and white clothes give her style a warmer Christmassy feel.

AnimeAnnie is also famous for her Mario Mondays, and while that one is still a few days away, we can see her appreciation for the Mario games in how she decorates her Christmas tree, because it is all ready, save for the star at the top, and she invites us to watch how she places it, and it is a bright start that’s exactly like the powerup in Mario games that makes her decorations much more unique and fun to admire.

AnimeAnnie Writes:

Cosplayer, gamer and geek with the right mix of silly, sensual and sexy…


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