The Sexiness Of MyEmpress’ Spider-man Costume


I like the idea that superheroes have their costumes on under their street clothes. It makes them appear more prepared and it makes more sense because, if something happened, they could just run to an alley, or a phone booth like Superman…are those still a thing?

In this case, MyEmpress is demonstrating this principle beautifully, because she is wearing a sexy Spider-man suit, and it is the version that leaves the arms and legs bare for added mobility and allure.

Now, while she wears this, and we can see it on the top half of her body while the bottom half is still showing the wavy print of the pants she’s got on, which creates the sensation that MyEmpress is ready to go in her superhero getup, but all that’s required is for more clothes to come off for us to see her full heroic presence among the cuteness she’s already displaying for us.

MyEmpress’ Profile:

Username: MyEmpress
CamScore: 5245
Gender: Female
Weight: 120 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Occupation/Major: Cam Model
Favorite Food: Pizza
About Me: Thanks so much for coming to see my profile, I hope you have a wonderful day. LOVE YOU.


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