EmilyLax Shows Us Her Sensational Spider-Dance


I love superhero costumes. The attention it went into designing each aspect both in functionality and visual appeal, even accommodating narratives about how the superhero puts it on when in danger has always been something extraordinary to me.

Spider-man has always been a favorite hero of mine, and for many reasons. One of them is that he is always ready to save people, no matter the time or place. He’s got the suit right under his clothes, so he just takes off the essentials and he can intervene.

There’s another thing I’ve always loved about superhero stories, and that’s when a superhero fights without his mask on. This has always fascinated me, because while you see them fighting the bad guys with the mask off, two things happen: first, there’s the part of the costume they still have on, which reminds us that they are in fact a special hero, someone willing to save others, even if it means putting themselves in harms way; and second, the mask off brings that idea of them being just an average person, like any one of us, and that brings the notion that we too could be a hero, given the right circumstances and motivation.

I’m thinking about this while I am in the sweetest of daydreams while EmilyLax dances in her skin-tight Spider-man costume, which shows how easy it would be to wear something like that under regular street clothes, as it truly hugs her body like it was merely body paint, leaving very little to the imagination in terms of her gorgeous curves and lovely attributes.

EmilyLax is also dancing with the mask off, so her beauty can shine at us perfectly without hindrance, which this time brings a third element of amazement: the fact that we can see her gorgeous smile and penetratingly seductive eyes while she shows her superhuman energy, as she’s always bouncing, dancing, and shaking something sexy in this show, which is the ultimate example of lovely liveliness.

EmilyLax’s Profile:

Username: EmilyLax
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 53 kilos
Height: 170 centimeters
Age: 23
Country: Romania
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Light
Drink: Light
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Makeup-artist
School: sport
Favorite Food: Balkan food
Pets: dogs
Automobile: lambo


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