A Pika At Ray_Milman’s Cute Style


Pika pika! That is of course the sound most often heard in various Pokemon media every time Pikachu shows up and today Ray_Milman is taking on the role of becoming this iconic mascot.

Her onesie looks so cute and yet so sexy at the same time. It has Pikachu’s face right in the middle, creating a nice cosplay illusion each time she poses for the camera. Pikachu’s long ears are right there on top of her head and they help complete what is a breathtakingly adorable look.

Pikachu has the power to create electric bolts and Ray_Milmanis certainly sending some sparks flying towards the screen thanks to her natural charm and her cute sense of style. Other Pokemon better look out, because she is ready to stun!

A Pika At Ray_Milman's Cute Style

A Pika At Ray_Milman's Cute Style

A Pika At Ray_Milman's Cute Style

Ray_Milman writes:

Let me tell u why Im here. Long ago when i was young i noticed my parents were watching erotic movie. There on the screen i saw a girl. She was pure beauty shining in oil like angel. I was impressed and my parents were excited too. In that moment i realized i wanna be on her place, to make people smile, satisfy their eyes, train my body till perfection to become princess of love for everyone. Now Im a big girl, i have such sweet fantasies in my dreams, and i wanna share some with you. We can become friends, or may be even more. I am also a student of pediatrics. I want to help children. In free time Im bright and sociable girl too, i help my friend in animal shelter, i like to feed cats and dogs, train them to do some tricks. Those pretty pets always touch my heart. Psychology is my hobby too, i read many books, its always curious to explore peoples minds, to reveal their fetishes. In person the most important thing to me is individuality. If i see someones smile i already can tell what kind of person in front of me. As for me its so hot when 2 close people exchange pics, share their smiles and feelings. You gonna be satisfied by my company and endless conversation with me. I love to discuss infinite range of topics, make great friendship, give love and get love. Im open minded single and free and will be happy to spend lovely days with you!


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