Cruella Sinomin De Vil Repurposes Pumpkin


I always love Sinomin‘s creativity. She has been doing tons of fun costumes for Halloween, but, tonight, she has outdone herself with her version of a jack o’lantern pumpkin. She carefully chose the best big orange gourd in the grocery store and carved it up to fit her 420 plans. She says that this engineering project involves huffing into the empty hole she carved to check it, until it was just right. One person in her room suggested that she is cosplaying undead Crulla De Vil, but I kind of think Cruella has a dalmation-murder kinda undead lifeforce-drainer vibe no matter what. At any rate, Sinomin makes a very pretty Cruella de Vil and her Halloween weed-delivery vehicle is just a hilarious and well-executed art piece. It is the temporary ephemeral art of Burning Man or Halloween decorations, but that almost makes me love it more. It is free this month to set up a profile to join the conversation in her chatroom and share your own thoughts on Disney villainess hotness, bong engineer skills, and the meaning of Halloween.


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