NataliaGrey Cosplays As Velma, Brings Sexy Scooby Snacks


NataliaGrey cosplays as Velma Dinkley, and she wears a sexy orange turtleneck that doesn’t cover her belly, inviting the eye to slide with glee all the way down to the sexy matching skirt.

I’m impressed by how NataliaGrey has mastered her sexiness skill tree, because she can do something as simple as taking a sip of water, and make it become one of the most engaging things ever, all thanks to that aura that floats around her, attracting and enchanting everyone who sees it.

This is especially true when she gives us a peek at the tastier Scooby snacks she’s prepared for her show, like when she drops her boobs from her top for a moment of seduction where she flaunts the alluring proficiency she’s attained through a mixture of cute, naughty and glamorous, which is sure to glue our eyes to her for the duration of her sexy cosplay stream.

NataliaGrey Writes:

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