Game and Movie Night With HempleyJones


Saturday is a good time to play games, hang out with friends and watch movies, and HempleyJones is giving us the opportunity to do all these activities in the same place through this show that really feels like hanging out with a good friend. All you need to enjoy the goodness found here is to join her room and get your snacks ready, because she’s taking care of all the rest.

HempleyJones plays some Fortnite, and while I could watch her play for hours, she has another activity planned, a movie night, and as the sun prepares to go down, she loads Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, so we can enjoy the experience alongside her. This is a great thing, because I haven’t seen this one yet, and watching it for the first time with the lovely HempleyJones is a great way to make it extra memorable.

HempleyJones Writes:

I like you, you like me back, this is how we do it on the internet.


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