Spicywitch’s Easter Gaming Goodness


It’s time to turn the tables a little and have a different kind of fun, and what better way to do it than to play cheerleader to spicywitch while she plays some Fortnite!

This time, the game is full of action and strategy, but it also has some thematic goodness thrown in there since its Easter, and in true celebratory fashion, the game has Easter eggs scattered across the map for players to run across and claim for themselves.

This is the kind of fun stuff I love to see, and as I root for spicywitch, I am also amazed at how well she plays the game, seamlessly moving from challenge to challenge in order to survive, and making her gameplay a fun experience to behold, both on the stream and on the window that lets us watch her play, as she is camming while wearing an animal print top, which greatly enhances the fun and sexy factor of her gameplay.

Happy Easter, everyone!

spicywitch writes:

I Became Insane with Long Intervals of Horrible Sanity


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