Arwen_Datnoid’s Night of Gaming Goodness


Arwen_Datnoid is playing Half-Life 2 in her room tonight, and we are all invited to join in on this chill time of gaming action while she lets us admire the gameplay on one side of the screen, and her beauty on the other.

While Arwen_Datnoid plays, she constantly makes comments that make what she is doing in-game more fun, like reacting to the challenges and dangers she encounters in each level, as well as creating fantastic moments where she taunts the enemies that dare come after her and lets them know she is a gamer they shouldn’t mess with.

Another great part of this fun show is that Arwen_Datnoid also adds a lot of sexy elements to it, because she is gaming while wearing nothing but her black top and panties, which are scheduled to come off as she continues her gaming session.

Arwen_Datnoid Writes:
Hello, welcome to my profile~

So, I am a huge pet person, I currently have 3 hairless cats, a pig, a tortoise, a gecko, a snake, 3 quail and 15 tarantulas! Yes, 15, that wasn’t a typo, I love my fur babies!

I play a heck ton of games so.. It’s hard to answer questions like “how many games have you played” or “What’s your favorite game?” I honestly have no clue, I just love games!

More of my hobbies include cooking, gardening, cooking, eating food and cooking for other people. I have been called a kitchen witch and I stand by that.

Feel free to come chill in my room 🙂 We are the best kind of okay.

Arwen_Datnoid’s Night of Gaming Goodness


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