Bad Dragon Nisse Not Just a Fantasy


I was today-years-old when I discovered that the Bad Dragon April Fools release of Jerry the Gnome is real and immediately available. The Scandanavian gnome or nisse, similar to a Scottish brownie, is one of my favorite bits of folklore. New plots of land are the old tyme version of secularly (paganly) consecrated for development by the association of a nisse. The ideal was that the gnome associated with your specific homestead was invested in it and in you and would do helpful things. I know I could use some help around the house. The only caveat is just don’t be a jerk to your house gnome because they do not forget that sort of thing. Appreciating someone who takes care of me seems like a reasonable trade for being, you know, taken care of.

A nisse, also known as a tomte or a tomtenisse, is a mythological creature from Scandinavian folklore. They are typically depicted as small, bearded men wearing pointy hats and often associated with Xmas. Yes, Bad Dragon is celebrating Christmas in April. Nisse represent the idea of kindness and goodwill towards others. Nisse also embody a sense of humility and respect for nature. They are often depicted as living in the woods or on farms, and are said to have a deep connection to the natural world. This reflects the Scandinavian value of living in harmony with nature and appreciating the simple things in life. Nisse are a reminder of the magic and wonder of the world around us. They represent the idea that there is more to life than what we can see and touch, and that there is always room for a little bit of whimsy and imagination. In a world that can often feel mundane and routine, the presence of nisse can be a reminder to find joy and wonder in the everyday.

If you get yourself Jerry the Gnome, he can also serve as a pagan reminder of the importance of kindness, humility, and wonder in your life. Also – be still my beating heart! – there is a Teenie Weenie Jerry the Gnome that comes with every order. Cuteness overload!

This April Fool’s Day, we present to you “Jerry the Gnome”! Jerry is a naughty little nisse who tends to enjoy deep, moist dwellings as an avid spelunker. On top of that, Jerry also happens to be adorable and hard to resist. Gnome matter what, you are definitely going to want to bring Jerry home with our drop today!

Jerry the Gnome will be bebopping into our Inventory section at 12 pm PDT this afternoon, and each Jerry will come with a tiny little teenie Jerry in this drop as well. Don’t wait; these little guys won’t be staying around long to tinker on our shelves. So be sure to set your alarms and get your own Jerry the Gnome this afternoon while supplies last!


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