Reige Races Around In Mario Kart


New tracks continue to be added to Mario Kart 8 and today Reige is celebrating some classic race tracks with a few fun rounds.

The players all storm off the starting line as she grabs her controller and immediately finds some banana peels to throw and unsuspecting competitors. First place is soon hers as she drifts, jumps and cruises her way through Sherbet Land with ease. The next race gets even trickier, but even that is no match for her racing skills.

Mario Kart is a ton of fun to watch and play. Reige is teaching me some nice shortcuts along the way as she races across the finish line and ends up lifting the trophy at the end. I would like to hand her an additional trophy for hosting such a fun show!

Reige Around In Mario Kart

Reige Around In Mario Kart

Reige Around In Mario Kart

Reige writes:

Konnichiwassup! I’m Rei, and I’m an American girl living in Japan since 2018. When I initially moved here, I didn’t know a single soul. Now, through lots of trial and error (mostly error) I have made a home here! Despite any obstacle, I know I will rise to meet it. One thing I like is a good challenge!


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