Soccer Never Looked This Sexy


At first glance I really thought this was a cosplay from X-men’s character Psylocke. But upon closer inspection of the costume, although it’s closely similar, it’s in fact not Psylocke’s costume at all. I was surprised to see that Pion’s cosplay is of Ravian, a character from the game called Soccer Spirits. It’s an Android and IOS sports card game by Com2uS. I never imagined a soccer card game to have collectible cards with characters that look like Ravian, but I’m not complaining! It now makes me curious about the game and what the other character looks like.

What do you think of this cosplay? Does this make you want to see more of this cosplayer’s work and at the same time intrigued about the game where her cosplayed character is from?

To see more of Pion’s cosplay check out the following links:


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