The Shrine Maiden with a bow


“The future is not a straight line. There are many different pathways. We must try to decide that future for ourselves.” Who would forget the love triangle that’s been happening Inuyasha and it’s not just a typical anime love triangle but a very matured one. Kikyo is Inuyasha former love interest before kagome and I really would like to for us to appreciate this cosplay of a shrine maiden while talking about the character. What I really love about this cosplay shoot is the perfect setting, ambiance and lighting of the photos. The cosplayers and outfit really looks great on them but by matching it with the perfect environment to shoot it really looks perfect.

Now let’s talk about who Kikyo is. Inuyasha is in a way, an old anime but one that is really good and known by many both boys and girls. But I’m sure due to the large amount of anime series popping up here and there some other people might not have watched this series anymore. Anyway going back to Kikyo. Kikyo was always known as a compassionate woman. Kind, caring, and considerate, she was very sympathetic toward everyone, even her enemies. This was seen when she tended to Onigumo’s well-being despite him being a bandit. She also had compassion toward Kansuke, and sympathy toward Inuyasha. She poured out her soul to anyone in need of help, even after her resurrection. Kikyō was also very good with children during her lifetime; no matter what village she went to, the children were always fond of her. However, Kikyō, after her resurrection, was not always as kind as she once was. She had developed a new-found hatred that she never had when she was alive

But who cosplayed who? Our model for this article today is an amateur cosplayer from Vietnam name Chuongtu but I really doubt that amateur part if you look at her works though, stay humble Chungtu! She is an Student Artist and has a hobby for photography and cosplay. She mainly posts her works in her Deviant Account, ChungTu DeviantArt. She also has her own Facebook Fanpage named Wao Cosplayer. Besides having social media pages and art galleries she also post her works on her Blog at Wao Cosplay WordPress. Let’s also follow her on her Twitter Page Well she did say that she’s an amateur cosplayer but can you really believe that with her works? what more if she continued cosplaying for years? How much more can she possibly achieve? So let’s support her to see. Let’s give thanks to Caotrui for the great photography.


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