Kay-I and Midnight-lady-Sky InuYasha Cosplay


These lovely pictures by Kirchos feature Kikyo and Kagome cosplays with modeling by Kay-I (Kagome) and Midnight-lady-Sky (Kikyo). Kay-I triple dominates here with both costume credits and PhotoShop editing, displaying her multiple talents with flair.

Seeing a cosplay involving InuYasha’s two female leads is so refreshing. Usually it’s Kikyo and InuYasha, or Kagome and InuYasha. It’s good to see the two ladies put aside their differences—or, perhaps more aptly, their similarities. Kagome is Kikyo’s reincarnation, after all. As much as there is to admire about the costumes, I can easily choose a favorite element—the hair. The lengths and styles are completely accurate to both characters. The hair isn’t the only thing that’s spot on, though. Kikyo’s costume is overall great. The large red stitching on the sleeves is perfect, and the sleeves themselves are the perfect length and width at the end where they flare out like bellbottoms. Everybody here deserves a big pat on the back for attention to detail. And for taking my InuYasha fangirling to epic levels.




Kagome Higurashi (model & costume): Kay-I

Kikyo (model): Midnight-lady-Sky
(costume – Kay-I)

Photographer: Kirchos

Photoshop editing: Kay-I

Moscow. June, 2015.


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