Flirty Meiko Shiraki Cosplay


For the people who are already familiar with Japanese cosplayer, Saku, we all know that she is not at all shy to share her curves with everyone. From the smallest mole to whatever hidden folds, she flaunts it with pride. So without a doubt cosplaying NSFW(Not Safe for Work) genre is a cakewalk for her. NSFW genre fans, be thankful!

Meiko Shiraki is one of those characters from a not so safe for work anime called Prison School. The storyline is interestingly hooking as much as the fan service(and maybe the weird fetishes?) keeps the dominantly male audience glued to their seats. An anime version that covers only part of the story is already released and has finished airing so if you’re interested you can check that out. However, if you want more of the story than what the anime has so far, go for the manga. It’ll be worth your while.

There’s literally a hundred more photos of this cosplay, so for more of Saku’s work you can check out her social media accounts. Note that some of these accounts will have risqué images so be wary.


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