Lascivious Meiko Shiraki Cosplay By Saku


Saku is back with more bootyful photos of Prison School’s Meiko Shiraki, the beloved vice president of the Underground Student Council.

Prison School is an ongoing manga that was introduced to the public in 2011. Its surprisingly good reception lead it to be adapted into animation in 2015 followed by a live action series that aired on the same year.

The story takes place in a fictional school that is said to be the strictest girls academy that has decided to admit male students into their system. As trial, they enrolled 5 boys into the school. The boys being boys caused a lot of perverted accidents leading them to be “arrested” and forced to serve their time in the school’s prison or else they will be expelled and their shame will be put out for the public to see. From there the story starts and their venture to break out of prison begins.


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