Meiko Shiraki Cosplay


If your one of only five boys at an all girl academy in Japan you would probably feel like you hit the jackpot. Until you find out the girls don’t want you there and are determined to get you locked up in the school’s cell block. That’s the situation five boys find themselves in the anime Prison School, where the scantily clad vice-president of the school council, Meiko Shiraki, is out to get them.

The most confusing part for these poor boys is that Meiko also happens to be one of the most sexy girls in school. Wearing practically nothing and always showing her massive cleavage off. Attributes cosplay Koyuki Yukihime with a little help from photographer Saotome Alto brought into the real world for us all to enjoy. Thanks in large part to Koyuki’s wonderfully large chest that is popping out of her school girl uniform and long silky legs that look perfect in a mini skirt.


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