Fall Prey To Mina Tepes


Baiheou Huangzi’s cosplay of the blood-drinking blonde named Mina Tepes from Dance In The Vampire Bund may not have bat wings on her hair but she does have something that looks similar. She also has “Tepes” in her name, so by Japanese anime logic, she is probably a vampire. This youthful loli-looking 400+ year old lady has crimson-colored eyes, fangs, and blonde hair that is usually tied up in twin tails. When she is not donning her gothic Lolita dress, she likes wearing modern casual clothing. In this cosplay, Baiheou chooses to portray Mina in black and white themed lingerie. Fans will definitely appreciate Baiheou’s facial expression in the photos because it portrays Mina’s generally predatory expression pretty well.


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