Krul Tepes Is Your Queen


If she’s got bat like wings on her head or on her back, looks younger than the rest of the cast, then she’s probably a powerful vampire. Especially if her name has “Tepes” in it. This is most of the time Japanese anime logic.

This character cosplayed by the ever so talented Aza is named Krul Tepes and should not to be confused with a certain Mina Tepes from the anime Dance In The Vampire Bund who also sports bat wings (well…sort of) on her head. Krul Tepes is from the franchise Owari no Seraph where she is considered queen of all vampires but due to her young looks and tiny size a lot of people often take her lightly when she shouldn’t be. This character is perfect for Aza to cosplay because Aza sports the same youthful appearance and petite body frame.

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