Canndy_new’s Elvish Elegance


Moon elves, wood elves, eladrins of every kind come forth a couple of times a year to bless the environment and those living in it. Canndy_new is just one of those elves that looks as majestic as ever, with various symbols and markings to show her rank.

I also love how everything on her clothes is very dark despite her very bright and colorful face. The crown of flowers is also quite gorgeous to see and I really love how she has brought about the very natural elements of the woods with mythical elements of her magic.

An elven elegance from Canndy_new!

Canndy_new's Elvish Elegance

Canndy_new's Elvish Elegance

Canndy_new's Elvish Elegance

Canndy_new writes:

Real Name: Canndyy Daniela
Followers: 1120
Birth Date: Dec. 4, 1989
Age: 32
I am: A Woman
Interested In: Women, Men, Couples, Trans
Location: I am in hell and it’s hot here


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