Ely Cosplays Gawr Gura


A lot of different opinions were thrown when VTubers or Virtual YouTubers started to become popular and if you’re not yet familiar with VTubers and all of its drama, better get to researching about it and its colorful history.

Ely’s cosplay is of Gawr Gura who is one among the currently active VTubers on YouTube. She’s an English speaking Vtuber employed under the group called Hololive. She’s among those that helped open the doors even wider for VTubing to become a thing in English speaking countries. In 2021, it’s undeniable that a lot of the top earning channels on YouTube are VTuber channels. This niche has led VTubers to not only make their earnings from their videos, but have even progressed to selling their own collectible merchandise. Of course, cosplayers have taken the liberty of cosplaying their favorite VTuber avatars as well resulting in more promotion for the characters.


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