Beach Lovin’ Tamamo Cat Cosplay

Need something to warm up your cold day? How bout this spoon chewing, lip licking Tamamo Cat cosplay by 半半子 (Banban Zi) to remind you of a warm summer day?

I’ve never been a fan of animal ears and a tail when it comes to cosplay because for one thing, it can be difficult to make and pull off to look good and not shabby. Even when cosplayers resort to ordering these costumes and have them made by specialty shops, there is no guarantee it will look good on the cosplayer. For this cosplay, however, it doesn’t seem bad. On the contrary, this is one of the few that actually don’t look like something died and was made into cat ears and a tail on a whim. With the clips hardly visible, the tail was cleanly attached and it gets me wondering as to how it was done because either that huge fluffy tail is feather light or there has to be something special she’s doing that it’s kept up like that and not pulling down her bikini with its weight. Overall, it’s a beautiful cosplay!

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