Belfast Won’t Let You Down.


Would you like to have some more of Belfast from Azur Lane?

Yes, please.

Belfast is an SSR (Specially Super Rare) playable light cruiser shipgirl notable for her firepower and hard hitting torpedoes. She has the ability to create a smokescreen that is damaging towards the enemy. She does all these while keeping her apron tidy.

Taking a break from her usual maid outfit, this Belfast is proudly showing off her shiny black leather skirt and soft stockings. Her red scarf perfectly complements the beret cap, the ribbon and neck piece she has on are a perfect match, and as to how her knitted sweater is able to stay strong and prevent itself from sliding down is indeed magical. Of course, the outfit is not complete without pocky sticks. This Belfast outfit is called “Shopping With The Head Maid” and it is an event limited “skin”.

Cosplayer: 炸酱沐沐


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