Astolfo Is Ready To Give You Service


Welcome home, master! What would you like to do first? Bath? Dinner? Or…?

What happens when you put Astolfo in a maid outfit and cat ears? Probably this. Rinka is back and she reimagines herself to be Fate Apocrypha’s Astolfo in maid outfit. This is probably not new to most cosplay fans as maid outfits have always been a usual for cosplay since the dawn of time. Almost all characters ever drawn into existence has a “maid outfit version” either drawn officially for them or drawn as a fanart aside from the usual default clothes they are drawn to wear. As used up as this is, it’s surprising that hardly anybody ever seems to get tired of it or complain.

With that said, here’s Rinka in her Astolfo in a maid outfit cosplay. Enjoy.


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