Adorable Tangled Rapunzel and Flynn Cosplay by Rayimania and Masda


I’ve seen Tangled several times, and it’s still weird seeing Rapunzel with brown hair rather than blonde. So, naturally, I double took when I saw this cosplay with Rayimania as Rapunzel and Masda as Flynn. Hasengott’s photos are beautifully done, and the palace-like backgrounds are wonderfully lush. The blurred backgrounds make the happy couple the focal point, ensuring that they don’t get lost in the opulence. And needless to say, the stuffed animal Pascal and frying pan props took everything from good to great, adding another layer of authenticity and whimsy.


Tangled Ever After Set 2
First pictures of our Shooting yesterday!!! *___* I love all the photos so much!! <3 This time with Flynn!!! *___*
it was cold and windy and rainy, but we had A LOT of fun! I’m so happy with the results <3

Thanks so much on your feedback so far!!! *_*
Photograpy: Hasengott // Cosplayers: me (Rapunzel) & masda (Flynn)


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