Get A Kick Out Of This Marie Rose Cosplay


“Even the smallest of roses have their thorns.” —Marie Rose in Dead or Alive 6

The lovely and alluring Hoshilily yet again makes her followers’ jaws drop as she makes kick fighting poses while wearing her cosplay of Marie Rose from the infamous fighting game titled Dead or Alive. The franchise’s more recent release, Dead or Alive 6, features Marie Rose in a strappy lolita oufit complete with ruffles, a huge red ribbon behind her waist, and strappy boots – all of which Hoshilily has accurately depicted in her cosplay.

Dead or Alive has evolved so much through the years. Apart from being a genuinely good fighting game, it has always been well-known for its sexy fighters. Much like the fanservice filled games, Hoshilily’s cosplay doesn’t shy away from making her fans’ eyes drop out from their sockets.


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