Rose Maria Cosplay Is Full of Fanservice


Had I not looked at the description of the cosplay Kuuko W has provided for this sexy cosplay I wouldn’t have known who it was of. There are many characters with blonde twin tails, thankfully, Kuuko W avoided that confusion by putting on the description that it is a cosplay of Marie Rose from the well-known fighting game called Dead of Alive. As the Dead or Alive game is no stranger to fan service it’s not at all that surprising anymore for some cosplays to show the same amount if not a higher level of fan service in their photos. Kuuko W has been known for her sexy cosplays and poses, some of which are a tiny piece of cloth away from being nude. The otakus are thankful for her existence of course and this has gained her a lot of followers on her social media platforms. Her Patreon is never unclicked. It’s also no secret that more risqué photos of Kuuko can be unlocked from her Patreon.

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