Eiphen as Caitlyn


Also known as The Sheriff of Piltover and one of the more aggressive characters in League of Legends. Caitlyn is the daughter of a wealthy statesman and a pioneering hextech researcher who always had a knack for investigation. Good thing she became a sheriff!! But this particular character is multi-death packing. If you’re busy eyeballing her, which turns out to be very easy to do, you’re dead. If you’re busy trying to run away from her, you’re also dead. Stand and fight? Lots o luck!! Most criminals wouldn’t mind getting arrested by Caitlyn. The whole “search me thouroghly” and “sure, I’m into cuffs” are the usual reasons!! Caitlyn is best played using combo attacks which usually result in, you guessed it, opponents are dead!! Planting traps, “stick n move”, and heavy hitting at long and/or incredible range tactics are just part of Caitlyn’s attacks.

Bringing Caitlyn to life is Eiphen (Charile Dodgson), complete with the well known really big hat and rather large rifle. Most are surprised that the recoil on that cannon didn’t knock her own arm off. The photos are also featured on ArcadeSushi and Amethu.


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