Good Cop? Bad Cop? Caitlyn Cop!

“Would you prefer the good cop, or the bad cop?”ーCaitlyn.

Among all the “skins” of the League of Legend‘s character, Caitlyn, has her Officer Caitlyn skin seems to be the most popular among the users and often the most voted on in polls. It has retained its desirability to the LoL players, even after Caitlyn’s legacy skins: Sherif, Safari, and Lunar Wrath, were made available to the public. Officer Caitlyn is also obviously the most commonly cosplayed version to date.

You may have already seen a lot of this version being worn at conventions and online but there really is no such thing as having enough of it. So, with that said, here’s an innocent Officer Caitlyn cosplay that’s bound to make you guilty for looking too much at Chinese cosplayer, 只是简言 (Zhǐshì jiǎn yán).

For the sake of those who are not too familiar with this League of Legends game character, Despite this back history being not much helpful in the game, Caitlyn’s character was written to be a skilled investigator and a skill fighter armed with a hextech rifle that she got for her 21st birthday.

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