Shuumatsu no Izetta / Izetta : The Last Witch


Shuumatsu no Izetta or Izetta: The Last Witch aired on October 1, 2016 by Ajia-D Studios. The first episode tells about Princess Ortfine, princess of Elystadt, a small town lush of forest and beautiful water, running through the woods with his dog when she saw sort of fireflies and when she went to chase it, she found a floating lady, surrounding with fireflies, which looked really magical. But this seemed like the princess’ dream when she was suddenly awaken by his bodyguards, where they were in a train but Germanian soldiers (Germania had attacked several towns and cities or kingdoms) pursued them.

While running away from the soldiers, Princess Ortfine – or Princess Fine as they call her – found a tube that looks like a casket but it has a girl with a red hair inside it. The major of the soldiers won’t tell her who or what is was. She and her two bodyguards was able to escape the soldiers by jumping off a bridge but she was not able to find out who that person in the casket/tube is.

As told in this episode, in 1939, Germanian Empire suddenly attacked its neighboring country, Livonia, and because of this, the kingdom of Brittania and Republic of Thermidor declared war to the Germanian Empire. This sounds familiar though, just like what happened in World War 2. Anyway, although other kingdoms and countries were against Germanian Empire, they were still stronger and defeated the others who are opposing them.

Princess Fine lost one of her bodyguards and was kindly taken in by the innkeeper, who was born in Elystadt, and prepared a dress for her. She was able to visit Lord Redford of Westria, who was the father of Prince Henry, the heir to the throne and the one who asked a marriage proposal from her before. Princess Fine offered Lord Redford that she is willing to give up being the successor of Elystadt to become Prince Henry’s wife if they choose to help their country. Unfortunately, it is too late for them as Lord Redford had already received the news that the Germanian soldiers had already attacked Elystadt.

When the Germanian soldiers had killed Princess Fine’s last bodyguard and captured her, they brought her to the plane and planned to use her so that Elystadt will no longer resist the Germanian Empire; however, during the flight, the fireflies that Princess Fine saw when she was a child had covered the plane and they suddenly started to fall. Princess Fine was able to get the chance to get the gun from the major but she was shot on her arm by one of the soldiers. She told them she’d rather shed her last blood then and there if her people are also doing the same in Elystadt. Suddenly, the person on the tube/casket that also happened to be there in the plane shone and revealed a red haired girl, whom Princess Fine recognized as Izette, the white witch. Princess Fine lost consciousness and Izette had blown the plane to pieces but saved Princess Fine.


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