Super Mario AlexaSharp


AlexaSharp is a delightfully bubbly and fun female Mario crossplay. She is drinking beer and playing video games. So pretty much the perfect Saturday night. She switches effortlessly and quickly between domination and video game trash talk and just joking around and having fun. Although the thick white Mario glove looked cute on her, she felt it was a handicap to her gaming, so she took it off. She also just took her top off, but I don’t think that was to improve her video game play. It may have successfully distracted any gamer competition. Her golden hair is so pretty. AlexaSharp is inviting everyone to join the game please. It is free this Halloween month weekend to set up a profile to play with AlexaSharp. She also has a fun October tip menu with options like “costume appreciation” and “Choose a Costume for a Future Show”. Also, if you have any opinions on laptop brands like AlienWare, you can help AlexaSharp choose what to get.

Meaning of Life: Live your life with love and to its greatest potential, joie de vivre!
Favorite Songs: Drake, some rap, EDM/house, oldies, classic rock. Anything I can dance to!
Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done: Ask me!
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: If I could be anywhere in the world right now it would be Japan, I love the culture but I especially love the food!


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