Anaperla Framed Roger Rabbit


I’m no Sherlock, but I seem to have solved the mystery of who framed Roger Rabbit. Her name is Jessica Rabbit who is going by the name Anaperla right now. I enter her room right as she’s getting ready, and by that I mean hiding all the evidence – and her cunning smile – as she lifts up her tight for just a bit more.

I love the big dress on her since it makes her look very regal. It’s almost like she’s sparkling from the inside out when she steps in front of the room with a bold look on her face and one that just pierces through the camera – even through her pretty glasses.

If cosplaying is the name of the game, Anaperla is winning by a long shot!

Anaperla Framed Roger Rabbit

Anaperla Framed Roger Rabbit

Anaperla writes:

Real Name: Valeria
Followers: 18015
Birth Date: July 16, 1997
Age: 24
I am: A Woman
Interested In: Women, Men, Couples, Trans


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