Dana Dark’s Looks Could Blow You Away


This Blueblood gallery makes Dana Dark look like a good character for the Killzone games. The gasmask she has on and the shotgun she is wielding give her a very powerful RubberDollies appearance; however, even with all the possible danger you could encounter with a woman like her, you could not simply walk away, as her beauty would compel you to find out what lies underneath that mask.

Dana Dark is showing her naked body and the lingerie she is wearing, complete with stockings and high heels matching the black color of her hair, and the way it drapes over her shoulders, adds to her dangerous and determined look, which seems to be the look of someone that could blow you away with her weapon, or with her good looks alone.


Senior Blue Blood writer Will Judy calls Forrest Black’s shotgun “the luckiest shotgun in the world”. What can I say about beautiful Dana Dark that I haven’t said before? Well, she looks beautiful in this gasmask and shotgun set Forrest Black and I shot of her.
–Amelia G



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