Leafa In A Keyhole Sweater, Seems Legit


While we can say Asuna is quite the darling of Sword Art Online and that there are more than enough cosplays of Asuna, it’s nice to see another character from SAO being appreciated and being shown some love. Here is one of Leafa by Chinese cosplayer who calls herself, Denglong (written: 灯笼, meaning: Chinese Lantern) in collaboration with photographer, Wolf.

If you followed SAO you’re probably think there’s something different from this cosplay. Well, you’re right. It seems like she’s not wearing her usual costume that we see in the anime or in the manga, but instead she’s wearing a keyhole turtleneck sweater. It seems like all the characters have this sweater now, right? If you’re not already familiar with this viral meme that started out on twitter Japan and eventually made its way to the world in such a short span of time, you can read all about it here. In the meantime, let’s appreciate this cosplay, shall we?


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