Taihou-Class Aircraft Carrier – Taihou


“This heat, and this throbbing… We meet at last, my dear Commander! I am Taihou, unworthy as I am, at your service♡” – Taihou.

Azur Lane’s Taihou is not only famous for being the ultimate “yandere” but also for being quite powerful. In game, she may take a lot of effort and possibly real cash to acquire but once you have her, you’ll be thankful you made the effort.

Taihou has different game skins aside from her default. There’s Forbidden Fruit, Enraptured Companion, and the one being featured in this cosplay, Phoenix’s Spring Song.

What do you think of this cosplay? Does it make you want to check out the game? I know I do!

Cosplayer/Model: 只是简言


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