Asuna Cosplay


Anime has seen explosive growth the last several years with shows like Attack on Titan hitting international popularity in their first season. Sword Art Online has been enjoyed that same level of popularity in next to no time. Based around a virtual reality game that has trapped its players inside, the show stars two main characters one of whom is the stunning young woman Asuna.

Often see in thigh high socks and mid drift top that is held together with nothing more than a bow, Asuna usually feels like she’s teasing us. Giving us just a little peak at the game winning body that is itching to burst to the surface. That is exactly what cosplayer Spinelo Ying and Xeno Photography decided to help her do. Slipping Asuna out of some of those uncomfortable clothes before laying her out on a rose petal covered bed. Giving is a real look at those legs we wish were wrapped around us.

asuna cosplay


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