Yoko Littner Cosplay


Truly is there anything better in life than a beautiful with a big bust wearing an itty bitty bikini wielding big guns? Taking a quick look at Yoko Littner, the main female protagonist of the anime series Gurren Lagann, makes thinking of something better even tougher. Running around with her long range sniper rifle in practically nothing stops every bad guy in their tracks.

Yoko also happens to be the favorite character of Hikari-Cosplay, a young lady who happens to have the same deliciously curvy body as Yoko Littner herself. That’s why Yoko happens to be her favorite cosplay and ours as well. You can’t help but want to get up close and personal to check out her gun. The bikini top barely containing her chest, leather shorts that are better described as underwear, pink thigh high socks are just a bonus, we swear.

Yoko Littner will forever and always be my favorite cosplay. I wish I had more photos of this cosplay >__<; I've been cosplaying Yoko since I was 17


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