Mortal Kombat Ladies by Kitana, AsherWarr and Andaria


This post won’t have just a star cosplayer. Because I’m feeling generous, here are Kitana, Mileena and Jade from Mortal Kombat portrayed by Kitana Cosplay, AsherWarr and Andaria!

Honestly this was one of the photosets that amazed me the most during this past month. It’s bold, it’s sexy, it’s deadly. All three women are absolutely stunning and there is no doubt they bring each character to life with every deadly and sexy trait they have.

From all three I can’t just pick a favourite, they’re all worthy of that spot! So do tell guys, who’s your favorite? Kitana, Mileena or Jade?

Photos taken by Pugoffka. If you’d like to see more from the cosplayers, check out their pages: Kitana Cosplay and AsherWarr.. Unfortunatelly, Andaria doesn’t have a page.


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