OhhMaly’s Alien Glam Look Is Out Of This World


If you are looking to serve up an out of this world look then OhhMaly is going to launch you into the deepest reaches of outer space with this Alien Glam makeup tutorial, so strap in and get ready for takeoff!

She puts her circle lenses in first, since it is easier to put them in before putting any makeup on her face. Then she takes iMagic Flash Color Palette and mixes pink, red, blue, turquoise, and white to make her foundation shade which is a dark lavender. She applies it as one normally would with a beauty blender and uses white as a concealer. She then sets her face with Ben Nye Super White Powder, putting extra in the T-zone to brighten. Kat Von D Super Brow in Roxy Purple is up next and she uses it to fill in her eyebrows as she would normally. The color Disturbia from the Karity matte palette is used to darken the brow and she uses a white to clean up around them. A pink color then goes in her crease and then she adds the colors Ego and Phantom to make a smoky eye, and she uses L.A. Girl‘s Pro Concealer to make a half cut crease and blends it into the colors. For glitter, she uses Wear Beauty in the colors All Of My Purple Life and Erotic City and mixes them with the chunky Aries from Luxglammcosmetics to create a custom mix of colors. She uses lash glue to put the glitter on her lid in the area where the concealer was and then lines her eyes with NYX matte black liquid liner. The shade phantom is then used to smoke out her lower lash line.

She starts the gem on her forehead with some Ben Nye  clown white creme facepaint in a oval shape and then setting it with the super white powder. Phantom and Enchant are the shades used to fill in the oval, and then Mehron Paradise paint is used to do the detail line work. She adds some decor to make it look like a headpiece and shades it for some depth and then contours her nose. The Karity Blush Bomb  is used for her blush, and she uses the NYX white pencil on her waterline. Mrs. Carter lashes are used and she highlights with a gold highlight from Beyond Beauty. Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit matte liquid lipstick in the shade Nice to Fuschia is what she puts on her lips, and she uses a makeup brush to give it a plush look.

Add some ears and that is it! From human to Glam Alien in a few easy steps! Check out more of OhhMaly‘s work on YouTube and Instagram!



Hello lovelies, I had so much fun with this look, it just so pretty and magical. I wanted to do something different for Halloween, I’m tired of seeing the same looks all the time, it’s tiresome lol. I hope you enjoy the video and if you do, please don’t forget to like and subscribe! Product details are listed below.
Song: Gunnar Johnsén Enchanting, Halloween, Soft Horror Song
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– Kat Von D 24Hr Super Brow ‘Roxy Purple’
– Karity Matte Palette Disturbia and Ego
– Karity Matte Palette
– Luxglammcosmetics Zodiac Chunky Glitter
– Wear Beauty ‘All my Purple life’ and ‘Erotic City’
– NYX Matte black liquid eyeliner
– NYX Jumbo Pencil ‘Milk’
– iMagic Flash Color Palette
– Karity Blush Bomb ‘Boom Berry’ trio
– Beyond Beauty Makeup Lux Light highlighter ‘Gold’ (Use Code MALY20 to save)
– Mehron ‘White’ and ‘Black’ Paradise Paint
– Karity Matte Palette .
– Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit matte liquid lipstick ‘Nice to Fuschia’ .

Intro made by:Greenscreens by iEditingX go check out her channel!
– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSFP


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