The Girl With So Many (Male Character) Faces!


I found Cheshire Fox through various of websites posting her cosplay works. One that really caught my attention is her cosplay of Uzumaki Naruto. It is very detailed and I can say that this is the best Naruto cosplay I’ve ever seen!

Upon checking on her personal Facebook account, I was overwhelmed with her cosplays! She loves to cosplay male characters and she’d done it so flawlessly and effortless!

She has a lot of great features fit for cosplaying and very few are gifted to have that. Even though there are contour styles and tricks and, of course, photoshop, one of the major factors to have a perfect cosplay is your very own features!

Cheshire Fox is from Moscow, Russia and she is a model besides from being a cosplayer (I am not surprised!) and studied Fashion Design.


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