Straight From The Video Game


Months ago, my brother gave me a game with the title, Life Is Strange, which is a game from Steam, where you can go back in time and try to change the future. At first I thought it was boring, but then I was really hooked into it because you really have to use your brains to be able to get to the next stage.

Maxine or Max Caulfield is the protagonist of the story who — by for some reason — had the power to turn back time and change the future. For example, she saw a guy bully a girl in the girl’s restroom, you have to click the right click of your mouse in order to go back in time and do things differently and save the girl. When I did that, coincidentally it was Max’s best friend before, who is named Chloe (back then Chloe’s hair was brown but she dyed it blue).

I thought I was the only one who thought that Chloe was cool not just because of her attitude but because of her hair and outfit. There are also other people who loves cosplaying her and I think by featuring the cosplayers of Chloe, there will be a lot of people out there who would try out this really cool character to cosplay.


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